Within the framework of Spanish-Algerian cooperation, the Ministers of the Interior of both countries have agreed to organise the training of trainers for the emergency response personnel of the Algerian Civil Protection (officers and NCOs).

During one week, instructors from the Spanish National School of Civil Protection (ENPC) trained an Algerian delegation of officers and non-commissioned officers in specialised intervention techniques in biological risk emergency situations.

This very practical course focused on assessing and responding to biohazard emergencies and aimed to train emergency responders to manage these situations safely, minimising the risk to themselves, people, property and the environment.

Although the course has a strong practical focus, it also has a theoretical aspect. It is in this context that expert members of ADELFAS were invited by their counterparts from the National School of Civil Protection to provide their expertise in the detection and identification of dangerous biological agents.

In addition to theoretical knowledge about viruses, bacteria and toxins and their characteristics, the participants were also able to familiarise themselves directly with the best equipment for biological detection and identification.

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