The 19th January ’23 saw the delivery of the DIMLAB biological laboratory to end-users. ADELFAS and their Moroccan partners organised a meeting on this day at the Faculty of Sciences, in Rabat, to discuss why such laboratories are necessary and how to ensure sustainability over the long termy.

Besides end-user representatives, opening ceremony attendance was marked by the Faculty of Science dean and vice-deans for Research & Cooperation and Education, respectively.

Representatives from prestigious biosafety and research institutions and organisations were also in attendance, including the directors or managers of, among others, the National Centre for Scientific and Technical Research (CNRST-Rabat); the National Centre for Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology (CNESTEN); the National Institute of Hygiene Virology Laboratory; the Biochemistry and Haematology Laboratory; the Mohammed V Military Hospital Centre for Virology and Infectious and Tropical Diseases Cell Culture Laboratory; and the National Office of Sanitary & Food Security (ONSSA).

During the round table discussion, all speakers expressed full readiness on behalf of their respective organisations to collaborate in whatever end-users may identify as priority. In addition, many work and research areas were identified for further laboratory operational and deployability improvements.

The exchanges expressed the importance of having the deployable biosafety laboratory in the country along with the unequivocal support of end-users (Civil Protection and Rabat Faculty of Sciences) to use all intellectual and material resources, i.e., top laboratories in the country, to make this NATO donation useful at national and sub-regional levels.

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