On 20 and 21 July, as part of the DIMLAB project, a training course was organised to train the end-users of the deployable biological laboratory in real-time sequencing.

The deployable DIM-LAB BIO laboratory designed by ADELFAS incorporates a wide range of technologies for the detection and identification of dangerous biological agents and warfare agents, from enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to DNA or RNA sequencing and real-time PCR. The aim is to enable any sample to be analysed.

The course, which included both theory and practice, was run by Oxford Nanopore and comprised three parts: a theoretical part, in which the technology and operation of the sequencer were explained; a practical part, in which participants prepared several samples for analysis; and finally a data analysis part, in which the results obtained were analysed.

In addition to the end-users from the Civil Protection and the Faculty of Sciences at Mohamed V University in Rabat, researchers from the National Centre for Scientific and Technological Research (CNRST) and its Scientific Research Technical Support Unit (UATRS) attended the training, demonstrating that the deployable DIM_LAB BIO laboratory is a sustainable solution that will be put to real use in Morocco.

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