Areas of intervention


ADELFAS advocates a safer society. Hence, it promotes and participates in both national and international projects aimed at strengthening the institutional capacities of countries to mitigate any type of risk, especially those related to CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) matters.

Participated Projects:




We share the strategic objectives that have been set by international organizations (United Nations), regional (European Union) and states, through initiatives such as The 2030 Agenda, LIFE , etc. aimed, all of them, to reverse the perverse effects of the current industry and of the global economy. ADELFAS will promote and participate in projects that favor eco-development.

Social challenges-society

Many are the social challenges we face. Uneven development between countries, migratory flows and demographic changes, food security; inclusive societies, etc. ADELFAS encourages and participates in educational / training and awareness projects that promote and disseminate universal values. We want to contribute to the arrival of fairer and more equal societies.

Art and Culture

ADELFAS, as non-profit making organisation, aims to inspire and promote individual and collective development through culture, the arts and aesthetic expression. ADELFAS will endeavour to fund, support and raise the profile of those artists whose energy and talent is directed at social change through the raising of awareness to inequality and injustice.

Participated Projects:

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