Who can be member of ADELFAS?

Can belong to ADELFAS, individuals with the capacity to act who have in common the development of the purposes of the Association.

Classes of members


Founding members

Those who participated in the constitution of the Association.


Full members

Those who have joined or who will join after the constitution of the Association.


Honorary members

Those who are or will be appointed as such by the Board of Directors, given their particular merits in areas of action of the association.


Joaquín Antonio Baumela Navarro

Inmaculada Bueno Atance

M. del Pilar Gregorio Rojo

Filippo Cristian Salemi

Sergio Montero Jiménez

Jaouad Anter

Mamadou Kone Kone

Tomás Arévalo

Ramón Pericet

Member companies and collaborating organizations in projects

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